About Us

     CloutIndustry: The Art of Fashion is an e-com online streetwear clothing store. We began back in 2017, with a small idea of creating a unique experienced online customer based clothing store! We teamed partnered with high quality streetwear brands e.g., Inflation, Una Reta, Sim Wood, etc. We also have our own unique line of streetwear products called CloutIndustry: The Art of Fashion (AOF). The core meaning behind our brand (AOF), is giving recognition and respect to all the artists out there! Whether you are a musician, soccer player, fashionista, pro video game player, etc thats considered to be "Art". Be inspired with our brand by becoming an artist as well! whatever you do, show your talent because it's considered to be art!
     CloutIndustry cares about our customers more than selling t-shirts, we follow a regime of following up with our customers on the 2nd day he or she places their order. We make sure our customers have any questions or concerns and also specially thanking them for purchasing at our company store. Thank you and please subscribe to receive future discounts and new product updates!
CloutIndustry: The Art of Fashion
Los Angeles, CA
Contact Email: cloutindustry@cloutindustry.com